Rental Policies



Longmont Public Media rental equipment must be checked out (i.e. picked up) during Longmont Public Media’s hours of operation, Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM. All equipment must be reserved in advance, via our online rental system at

Longmont Public Media members and non-members must test and inspect all equipment before checking it out to ensure it will be functional during the reservation period. Longmont Public Media staff will test and inspect equipment upon return. 

During the check-out period, Longmont Public Media will, alongside the member or non-member, make sure the equipment is in working condition before renting out the equipment. Any malfunctions or damage will be noted immediately. Upon check-in (i.e returning the equipment to Longmont Public Media) any equipment found to be missing or damaged upon return will be the responsibility of the renter (see below for more information).

Members and non-members need to return the equipment themselves. Longmont Public Media will not accept the return if another person returns the equipment you rented. Members with 24/7 access are able to return the equipment after hours and leave it in the equipment rental drop off location.


Members and non-members may reserve equipment and/or equipment packages for no longer than 7 days at a time. If upon return the equipment is still available and no other members and non-members are looking to rent the equipment, members and non-members may reserve the equipment for an additional reservation period.


If you know you are not planning on picking up the equipment you have reserved, please cancel your reservation immediately so that others may reserve it.


If the order is not picked up by Noon on the following business day, Members or individuals will forfeit their equipment rental reservation. Paid equipment rental orders will be refunded. Reservations may be able to be picked up late if you reach out to us by calling 720-544-7758 or sending an email to [email protected].


Fines are assessed for all equipment returned beyond the time it is due. If you are having an emergency and cannot return the equipment, please call Longmont Public Media immediately at 720-544-7758. Longmont Public Media will consider not charging late fees should you notify us of a possible late return. Fines are billed at the daily rental rate. If the equipment is not returned after 2 weeks (14 days), Longmont Public Media will consider the equipment as lost/forfeited and Longmont Public Media will fine you the total MSRP cost of the equipment rented. Members and non-members will not be able to rent out equipment until the fines are paid in full.


If equipment fails due to an accident, mishandling, or neglect, liability for the replacement rests with the person who signed for the equipment. The liability includes the cost of replacing equipment stolen while it is checked out.


If equipment failure and/or damage is due to ordinary wear and tear, Longmont Public Media will see to it that it is repaired or taken out of inventory.


This is the official policy for members and non-members who break, lose, or otherwise damage Longmont Public Media equipment, must pay for or replace the equipment. Rental privileges will be suspended until the equipment is replaced or balance has been paid. Longmont Public Media has a limited amount of equipment and we have many community members who need to share the use of this equipment. This policy is designed with the intentions of maximizing the longevity and availability of the equipment for everyone.


Upon returning the equipment, Longmont Public Media will check that all equipment is being returned and is in good working order and not damaged. Longmont Public Media will reach out to you if equipment is damaged and/or needs to be replaced or repaired.


Rentable equipment may allow renters to connect a personal software account to the device. An example of this is renting a Mevo Camera +iPad bundle to use for livestreaming an event to a Facebook Page. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure the account has been logged out upon returning the equipment. 


If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact Longmont Public Media at [email protected]